Jam Comic #12

  Hey, another jam comic! I've had this one for a few weeks (sorry) but I couldn't think how to finish it off until just now. If you're sharp-eyed you'll notice I tied this one and Jam #8 into the same continuity. Maybe all jams are in the same universe and timeline?

Here, in no order, are the participants:

@manydullknives - http://manydullknives.smackjeeves.com/
@dairyboycomics - http://dairyboycomics.com/
@crashsuit - I drew the 1st *and* last panels!
@crustycomics - http://crustycomics.com/
@metaphornations - http://metaphornations.com/
@jonscrazytweets - http://jonscrazystuff.blogspot.com/
@mcmoondog - http://slymoon.blogspot.com/
@ecadia_gn - nicole.mccurry@gmail.com

@blinkkittylove was supposed to add the last panel, but alas, it wasn't to be. As she's done work on other jams, though, she's still solidly in the club.