Jam Comic #09 (low detail)

  Another jam comic! Once again I was "lucky" enough to get to draw the last panel. Everyone threw in a bunch of fun plot twists, but hopefully I covered most of the bases with my wrap-up. There's no telling which way the bus will swerve, but if it stays on the road and everyone lives, I count it as a success. It's a pretty big crew on this one, and here they all are, in no particular order:

@The_FreeRanger - http://thefreerangercomic.com/
@DairyBoyComics - http://dairyboycomics.com/
@TEDeBEARsays - http://www.themeltedpot.com/
@Caost - http://lifead.thewebcomic.com/
@JonsCrazyTweets - http://jonscrazystuff.blogspot.com/
@thehistorytwins - http://www.thehistorytwins.com/
@Ecadia_GN - http://ecadianchronicles.com/
@cartoonsbyjim - http://www.cartoonsbyjim.com/
@mcmoondog - http://slymoon.blogspot.com/
@blinkkittylove - http://fiveminuteslate.typepad.com/
@6colorstories - http://6colorstories.thecomicseries.com/
@Brian_Russell - http://theunderfold.com/

It was a pretty big canvas on this one, and in compressing it down you can see there are artifacts in some of the panels. If you want to view a better version you can click on over here, but FYI it's a little over 8MB so it might take a minute to load.