Buns And Wieners Jam Comic #01

  Once upon a time, I joked about starting a jam club. But then I thought, hey, why not do it for real? I got a few other folk on board and we kicked off this, our very first jam comic. Every few weeks another starts up, some getting done pretty quickly, others not so much, but still getting done eventually. Then, there was jam number one - myth, legend, lost to the sands of time. Some doubted it ever even existed, but I proved them.. Behold! The comic that started it all. In no order, the crew:

@Brian_Russell - http://www.theunderfold.com/
@NoahPfarr - http://www.noahillustration.com/
@robbieandbobby - http://www.robbieandbobby.com/
@drewmo - http://www.lefthandedtoons.com/
@keithito - http://www.adventuresome.ca/
@WildHorseComic - http://www.wildhorsecomic.com/
@notworthnote - http://www.nothingworthnoting.com/
@extranapkins - http://www.brokenpants.com/
@chainbear - http://www.chainbear.com/