Buns And Wieners Society Jam Comic #10

  Hey look, another jam comic! This is one of the few where I didn't kick off the first panel; in fact I got to do the very last panel, which means I got to animate it. In no particular order, here's the list of artists that contributed a panel to this jam:

@creamchee - http://kimbitesyourfaceoff.tumblr.com/
@cerealsforlunch - http://www.cerealsforlunch.com/
@thehistorytwins - http://www.thehistorytwins.com/
@mcmoondog - http://slymoon.blogspot.com/
@jonscrazytweets - http://jonscrazystuff.blogspot.com/
@crashsuit - (that's me)
@blinkkittylove - http://fiveminuteslate.typepad.com/

This whole gang is nothing but a bunch of great people that (as far as I know) have been doing comics online longer than I have, and as always I'm glad to worked together on a comic with them.