2013 Hourly Comics Day

  This was my first attempt at Hourly Comics Day, a yearly event that started in 2006 and currently falls on February 1st. I had to skimp a bit as I had to squeeze these in around my normal routine of work, commuting, kids, wife, chores, etc. I carried a 4"x6" pad around all day, and each hour I'd thumbnail a two-panel comic. Every few hours I'd take a break & catch up drawing them properly. I added a little color to each one, but I didn't like how it looked on most of them, so I converted those to grayscale. I'm not great with scanners, so how they look here is a bit larger than the size I drew them. Like raising a child, the effort was exhausting and rewarding, and left me not entirely certain how well my efforts turned out. See you next year, Hourly Comics Day!