Phone Comic #01 - Twitter Jam

  Here's something entirely new and even lower quality than ever before: a comic drawn entirely on my phone.  The individual panels were drawn with SketchBook Mobile, then I used QuickPic to export them to PicSay Pro for rotation and adding borders, then to PhotoBooth to stitch them together. I know the quality isn't that great but I have to say I'm pretty impressed at what I was able to do on my phone. Anyone with a decent stylus phone or tablet, like the Samsung Note series, could probably pull off some decent comics without even needing a computer.

I started out taking requests on Twitter for simple stuff I could draw on my phone, and it just sort of accidentally turned into a comic. I came up with the last panel myself, but most of the credit goes to @JonsCrazyTweets and @PierluigiCaputo. Both talented in their own rights, you can check their stuff out here and here.