Jam Comic #03

  Boom, another jam comic! Pretty big cast this time:

@JonsCrazyTweets - http://jonscrazystuff.blogspot.com/
@Starrelish - http://katdaycare.com/
@jugodecabeza - http://hijd.tumblr.com/
@thehistorytwins - http://www.thehistorytwins.com/
@bnystedt - http://www.atommag.net/
@Brybox - http://brybox.com/battlecroc/
@EternalTortoise - http://www.eternaltortoise.com/
@ManyDullKnives - http://manydullknives.smackjeeves.com/
@alexwcallard - http://powertheatre.com/
@cartoonsbyjim - http://www.cartoonsbyjim.com/
@mcmoondog - http://slymoon.blogspot.com/

I feel like we skipped a couple people or so, based on the number of panels vs the number of contributors in the list, but for the life of me I don't know who.  OOPS?