Jam Comic #02

  This is a jam comic I drew with some Twitter friends! The rules are simple: 6 cartoonists enter, 1 comic leaves. I think it's pretty funny. I made the first panel, then I emailed it to one of the other artists, they drew a panel, etc. And then this happened!

In no particular order, here are the other contributing artists:

@cartoonsbyjim - http://www.cartoonsbyjim.com/

@jbabbcomics - http://www.jbabbcomics.com/

@bnystedt - http://www.atommag.net/

@chainbear - http://www.chainbear.com/

@cowbirdsinlove - http://www.cowbirdsinlove.com/

If you're wondering where Jam Comic #01 is, well, it's still out there getting drawn. I started it before this one, but with a group twice as big, so it's still taking its time making the rounds.

Also, if you're wondering why I haven't been drawing much the last few weeks, there's this thing out called Mass Effect 3, you might have heard of it? I'm on the final chapter though, so comics fun-times should resume soon.

EDIT 05/28/2012: added a page with everyone I've done jams with, check it out here: http://rct.me.ht/baws/index.html