Guest Comic #01 - Super Powers

  Today's guest comic is also a True Story Comic! Drawn by the ruggedly handsome Brendan, wherein he reveals that heroes do indeed walk among us. He also does a great job over at online magazine Atom Mag so check that out too!

This week is actually DOUBLE guest comic week, as another true friend, Keith, is running guest strips all week and has done the honor of including one of mine. He does the great web comic Adventuresome and it's guaranteed to make your eyeballs bleed sweet, sweet tears of laughter.

Surprise! TRIPLE and QUADRUPLE guest comic news: It's not up on display yet, but the nice guy running Square Root of Minus Garfield asked me to submit my Garfachu strip, so it should be up over there in the next few weeks, and then I'm also starting a guest strip for Wild Horse Comic. I mention Wild Horse because he's ALWAYS looking for guest strips and tends to run at least one a week, and if you have the inclination, I'm sure he'd appreciate if you submitted one.